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Evaluate, monitor and enhance your skills. Technology is running fast..need to try and keep up.

5 Expert Techniques to Repurpose Old Blog Content

If you are struggling to come up with new content to increase traffic for your blog or website, you might want to consider taking another look at your existing content. Do you have a lot of old, forgotten blog posts… Continue Reading →

Understanding MX Record

MX stands for Mail Exchange Records. MX records are DNS settings associated with your domain that direct its mail to the servers hosting your users’ mail accounts. MX records are used in DNS records (or Zone files) to specify how email should… Continue Reading →

An Into to Python

As it turns out, the high-level programming language, Python, is in fact comparable to the python snake. Granted, Python wasn’t named after the intimidating reptile, however, they both happen to represent convenience for a variety of reasons. In essence, Python… Continue Reading →

It’s time to say goodbye to X3

cPanel officially announced a deprecation schedule and its eventual removal from the product forr X3, the previous generation user interface for cPanel. Here’s the schedule from cPanel updated in their blog: In 11.52… Brand new installations of cPanel & WHM will consider… Continue Reading →


A privilege escalation vulnerability being branded as “Dirty Cow” (CVE-2016-5195) was recently discovered and fixed yesterday in the Linux Kernel. It has existed for 11 years, so pretty much every device running Linux is affected (this includes VMs, physical machines, mobile… Continue Reading →

Optimizing MySQL: Queries and Indexes

You know the scene. The database is just too slow. Queries are queuing up, backlogs growing, users being refused connection. Management is ready to spend millions on “upgrading” to some other system, when the problem is really that MySQL is… Continue Reading →

Optimizing the mysqld variables

I assume you know all about the my.cnf file, and how to set variables. key_buffer_size The key_buffer_size is probably the most useful single variable to tweak. The larger you set it, the more of your MyISAM table indexes you store… Continue Reading →

MySQL Server Variables

MySQL Server has tons of variables which may be adjusted to change behavior or for performance purposes. They are documented in the manual as well as on new page Jay has created. Still I see constant confusion out where which… Continue Reading →

Phishing scams

What is phishing?   Updated August 09, 2016. Phishing is a scam in which the attacker sends an email purporting to be from a valid financial or eCommerce provider. The email often uses fear tactics in an effort to entice… Continue Reading →

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