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Monitoring your network

Monitoring automatically your web server allows you to be alerted anytime the server “goes down” or when there are some serious performance issues with it. This is crucial especially when you run a commercial business online and your business depends on… Continue Reading →

DDOS attack and how to migitate it

DDOS is a short name of Distributed Denial Of Service, where multiple infected systems target a particular site or server causing the legitimate requests to fail (denial of service).Victims of DDOS attack consist of both the end target system and… Continue Reading →

Nagios : Quick install and configuration guide (Version 1.0)

  Nagios : Quick install and configuration guide (Version 1.0) In our last post, we had discussed about network monitoring tools.  There I had mentioned about Nagios, a monitoring tool which can be installed on the server. In this post,… Continue Reading →

Benefits of Switching to PHP 7

The loading time of your website is important. Maybe more important than you realize. Every fraction of a second counts when it comes to the likelihood of visitors sticking around or losing patience (and trust) in your site and moving… Continue Reading →

For eight years, hackers have been able to exploit this password-stealing flaw in Joomla

For the last eight years a critical vulnerability has lurked within the code of the Joomla CMS which could have allowed malicious hackers to steal every user’s login credentials – including those belonging to administrators. A CMS is the content… Continue Reading →

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IP black listed ?

IP blacklisting is the one of the major crisis which we come across in Webhosting industry. IP’s appear on blacklist usually by sending unsolicited commercial or bulk email. There are a number of monitoring tools available. Each monitoring tool would… Continue Reading →

How to (Safely) Add Code to functions.php in WordPress

Scouring the Internet for solutions to WordPress problems will inevitably bring you to sites that ask you to insert some piece of code or the other into functions.php. If you’re new to WordPress, this can be a confusing thing. By… Continue Reading →

Fix Serve Static Content From a Cookieless Domain

We’ll show you how to fix “serve static content from a cookieless domain” error. When using a website analyzer tool such as PageSpeed Insights, GTMetrix, Pingdom, or Uptrends, a warning will often appear that says “Serve Static Content From a Cookieless… Continue Reading →

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