Fact: Video increases engagement and conversions

Video marketing is here to stay, and for good reason. It drives an emotional connection between brands and consumers and when done correctly, provides an impressive ROI. Just look at how Eyeview Digital was able to increase landing page conversions by as much as 86%by simply adding a video to the page. If you really want to dig into the nitty gritty, here are 50 reasons why video should be part of your marketing plan.

And no, you don’t have to spend thousands on producing a video either. There are many tools available today you can use to create your videos, whether it’s simply a video for brand awareness or an explanation video showing how to use your latest product. If you’re not sure what kind of video you should do, here are just a few ideas to get the ideas flowing.


Teach, guide or answer questions

Create a series of short videos that teach something. If you own a hair salon, make a series of videos showing how to do the most popular styles, best practices for caring for different types of hair. Tackle questions that your customers commonly ask. Who do you think they’ll remember when it’s time for a new cut?


Highlight customer experiences and testimonials

Testimonials and reviews online… which ones can you really trust? Even Amazon has had to battle fake reviewers, so it’s only natural that some people are very hesitant to believe reviews and testimonials. Remove that barrier with video testimonials.


Explain it in video

Chances are, you have a good amount of content already posted on your site. Take that information and present it visually through video. Whiteboard videos, or explanation videos are perfect for just that.